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The Dark Side

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Lookin for love in Alderaan places? Try coming to the Dark Side!

We recently repainted our living room wall! I've wanted an #accentwall in our open floor concept for quite some time, and the tv wall made the most sense. We have two colors that make up our open concept - a light grey and white. I decided we would go for a bold, dark color in the living room!

The color is Tuxedo from True Value. I was super hesitant to make this jump, but am happy with the results! It sort of hides the tv when it's off, and my husband and dad like the fact that it looks like a theater when we're watching tv at night, haha!


I have included the before image so that you can see the light grey color it was previously. The room now reflects a rustic/boho mixed style. The raw wood and natural stone take elements from nature to create a rustic feel. The rich, bold colors take a piece from a boho style, which I am normally not really drawn to. When we can, we will get an entertainment center for this wall and possible at some shelves on each side of the tv!

ALSO, I recently nerded out at #HobbyLobby and splurged on some #StarWars tea towels! Our family is big into the saga and my father bought me the coffee mug sitting on the shelf for my birthday! If you're like me and need to add a little Dark Side to your kitchen, the tea towels are part of the Spring Collection and are 40% off! I paid $10 for the both of them.

As always, feel free to reach out to me for questions or inspiration & May the Force Be With You!
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