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Repotting Plants!

Key signs it is time to repot, and how real plants can benefit us!

“I enjoy real plants so much more than fake ones - I just feel that they add life to a space and cleaner air to breathe!”

Real Houseplants

I am new to the indoor #plant game, but I am soaking up as much info as I can about them and how to care for them properly! I take advantage of #Lowes great customer service and ask their lawn and garden department for best potting soil, fertilizer, etc. I get most of my plants from Lowe's and #ALDI. I enjoy real plants so much more than fake ones - I just feel that they add life to a space and cleaner air to breathe. There is research that supports that they can reduce stress, improve air quality, and create a feeling of well-being! Read more on that here:


The large white pot you see in the image was only $20 from Lowe's! I have looked everywhere for a large enough pot for the tropical plant, but was having a hard time finding a decent one for under $40.

The leafy plant (called a Croton) in the above image was $4.99 from ALDI! Right now they have a ton of beautiful plant options, and they are all $4.99! I have also purchased two hanging plants from them - one an ivy plant, and the other a golden pathos. All the same price! (I compare them to Lowe's price for the same plant, which are typically $15 or so).

Signs That It Is Time to Repot

If your plant has a root system that is growing out the drainage holes, it is time to repot! Carefully remove the plant from the original container and prune the bottom of the root system off and detangle any roots to allow them to grow when you replace the plant in a new pot.

If you don't see roots growing out of drainage holes but the plant foliage has filled up most of the space at the top, the root system may look like this underneath (see the top left image above). The roots were compacted and had no room to expand. I cut off about an inch or two of the soil layer at the bottom, detangled, pruned more and repotted.

Always feel free to reach out to me for questions or inspiration!

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