• sierrahhankins

Our First Fixer Upper!

Hi, friends! Laramy and I have an exciting life announcement that we wanted to share with you all!

We closed on our first #FIXERUPPER! We’ve kept our eyes open and prayed for this sort of opportunity, and while we are scared and a little nervous, we are hopeful for where God could lead us through this project!

This cute, country farmhouse has so much to offer. It sits on a well-maintained 2 acre plot with an old barn and a garden. We are working with about 1700 sq. ft. of space to spruce up! There are some large repairs needed that will be our main priority, but once we can dig into the charm this place already possesses, I know we can give it so much life!

I’m going to post progress along the way via this blog and my Instagram, and probably Facebook as well! If you think of us, please pray for our teamwork 🤪 We love you guys!