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Front Door Blues

Spring has us refocusing our attention outside! We have so much to do that it's hard to even find a direction for this blog post. Instead of listing the countless half-completed projects, today I will talk about our front door! (We are so excited about our upcoming or in-progress projects though, so I will try to make another blog post soon with our outdoor goals!)

About our blue door

One thing we knew we had to get done pretty quick was finishing our front door. It was unstained, unsealed and water was seeping through when we had rain. Not good! We debated on whether to stain it or paint it, since it's mahogany wood. We tried staining at first and both hated it! The first trial was Minwax "Weathered Oak" and it made the wood color look dingy and I didn't like how the wood grain accepted the stain. But honestly, I really just wanted to paint it and knew that I needed to give staining a solid effort first

After trying stain, I brought home about a dozen swatches from Lowe's, taped them to the door and looked at them all day. I am the WORST decision maker! Finally, I just said, "You know what? Just go for it. If I hate my choice, I can just repaint it." So I went with the BRIGHTEST FREAKING color I had taped to the door! And I LOVE IT! It reminds me of the bright doors in Ireland and that sealed the deal for me.

Color is Georgian Bay and we did Semi-Gloss Exterior Paint & Primer.


#HobbyLobby has the welcome mat pictured above. $10 when they're half off!


For #BUILDERS or #REMODELERS - Our front #door was $300 at an auction. The wood is solid mahogany and very nice quality. The craftsmanship was very poor quality haha! The Story: I’m not sure if I have a bad dog, a bad door, or both. One winter morning, I heard a loud bang in the other room, came in to find this had happened and Ridge was on the other side staring at it. 🤣😭 (not sure whether to laugh or cry). A thin trim piece on the inside busted. Ridge isn’t the type to paw at the door, but he is clumsy and might have barreled into it. The staples holding it in place were short and flimsy. My dad cut a new piece of trim and reinforced it with heavier duty nails, and we're good to go!

Always feel free to reach out to me if you're inspired or have any questions! 🌿

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