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Friday Finds!

I am a sucker for a good deal... what about you?

“My goal with "Friday Finds" is to hopefully share some REAL affordable stuff with you guys!”

Real deals and where to find them!

I follow a lot of home decor bloggers, and one thing that gets me so disappointed is when they post pictures of amazing items and say, "check out this amazing deal on" ... whatever it may be that day. So I scroll up, and it's a fake plant for $100. I'm sure plenty of people pay that price, I mean they must since it's a sold out item anyways, but I am NOT one of those people! I know that a lot of them get paid to share those items around, and it's really no harm no foul since the money isn't coming out of my account. My goal with "Friday Finds" is to hopefully share some REAL affordable stuff with you guys! Now - since we function on a budget, these may not come every Friday since we obviously can't be purchasing these things all the time, great deal or no ;)

Deal #1 of the week:

For #PLANT LOVERS - I have been having such a hard time finding a pot for this plant that was:

a) large enough

b) looked pretty

c) cost effective

Most pots I were finding that were large enough and looked great were $40 or more. After a month of looking, I finally found this pot at Lowe's for $20! I LOVE the way it looks with this plant! It's heavy duty and has a drainage hole. I had considered going basket, but with this tropical plant, I wanted something that looked a little cleaner to offset the wild leaves of the plant.

While this pot wasn't on sale, it was still cheaper than similar items I was finding by HALF! Not all Lowe's pots are this cost effective, but they did have a small selection of larger ones around the $20 price range. It's worth a try if you're in the market for something similar!

Deal #2 of the week:

For #BASKET lovers!

It's hard for me to turn down a good basket, especially when they're half off... This large basket / laundry hamper was only $10 at the At Home Store (usually $20)! I didn't go in looking for it, but I had a gift card from a generous friend and told Laramy we were taking this home with us - haha! I wasn't even sure what I was going to do with it exactly, but I loved it. It's large enough to use as a laundry hamper and right now I'm using it as a towel basket in our master bathroom! This is one I could definitely see myself moving around the house to suit my mood - throw blanket basket, towel basket, laundry hamper, you name it. A typical basket that I find in this size usually starts around the $25 mark.

I'll save some of my other recent finds for next week, and I hope this was helpful to some of you! As always, I'm here for any questions, inspiration, or even blog ideas you might have that you want me to share!

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