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Farmhouse Sinks and Window Herbs

For plant lovers and those aspiring to build or remodel!

“You will hear me preach this a lot. GO TO THE AUCTIONS! They make for long and early days, but it is so worth it!”

What I'm growing and where to find building materials

One of my favorite things about our #kitchen is having a west-facing window above our sink. The sunset light filters into this room and makes it so gorgeous in the evening!

For #PLANT LOVERS - I’m growing aloe, basil, and rosemary in this window. I’m very new to the indoor plant game and I’m soaking in as much info as I can to care for them! Aloe and rosemary plants were from Lowe’s. Our goal is to source most of our own food from home, (harvesting game, growing fruits and veggies) - and that includes the herbs and seasonings that make them tasty!

DEAL FINDS:#HobbyLobby has the adorable terra cotta pots for like $1! (I actually got 2 for $1 when they were half off) - SUCH a great deal and very trendy right now!#Target has the black and white striped kitchen cloths! This brand is #hearthandhand by #magnolia and they are very reasonably priced.

For #BUILDERS or #REMODELERS - My #farmhouse stainless sink was only $80 and the faucet was $60 - and it LIGHTS UP! 😱I cannot say enough - GO TO THE AUCTIONS! There are several opportunities for builders auctions even in our small community. #BassPro had a HUGE materials sale last year where we were able to snag a ton of great items, everything from lumber to household furniture and decor. Also, Mt. Vernon Auction Supply Company puts on a ton of auctions in the local area. We did travel to Kansas a couple times to hit up these auctions, but the did have some closer to home. It makes for long and early days but it’s so worth it! You may end up with some things that don’t work properly but that's part of it!

Always feel free to reach out to me if you're inspired or have any questions! 🌿

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