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5 Tips on How to Style Your Bed

Bedding is something that I really focus on in my home because it's so simple to change out and making the bed allows me to feel like I sort of have my life put together! I have listed out 5 tips that I have found useful on how to style your bed like a pro! If you have other ways of doing things and are happy with the turnout, keep it up! I am always changing how I do things and there's really no "right" answer when it comes to making your home enjoyable!

1. Start with the Basics

First, I would suggest that you invest in a #comforter set that you actually love! There are so many things in home design that are difficult for me to justify spending money on, but this is one thing that I really believe is worth the investment. My #duvet cover set is from the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection from #Target. I want to say that we only have this one set - we do not have multiples to choose from and switch out, so I made sure to take the time to pick out a set that would fit with the changing seasons. We also use the duvet cover to actually sleep with; it's not just for looks and kicked to the end when it's time to curl up for the night!

White is always a classic choice and I can add so many patterns and colors to change the overall look up! If you're nervous about going white because you're not sure how to keep it looking clean and not dingy, I completely understand your hesitation! When it's time to get the cover back to the fresh, crisp white it once was, I soak in Oxi-Clean in the bathtub for several hours before putting it in the wash. It works wonders! If you want to go for a more natural option to clean, I've heard that you can use #Thieves dishwasher detergent powder and Thieves spray to get rid of stains in whites! (I haven't tried this for myself because Young Living is a bit expensive for my current budget, if I'm being honest.)

PRO TIP* My duvet cover set is a Queen and I recently purchased a King sized down comforter to fit inside of it! It fills the cover better and adds more "fluff" to the look of it! Check out the before and afters below!

2. Play with Layers and Arrangement

#Textures, #patterns, #colors - These are all things to think about when creating a cozy bed and adding depth to the overall look! I love to mix and match neutrals to make it feel calm and inviting. The embroidery on my duvet cover adds a bit of texture and breaks up all that white with a bit of dark grey.

We have two sets of pillows on our bed, king sized and standard sized. I stick with a solid grey cover on our king pillows to create a neutral color palette to base things off of. I will switch out the covers on the standard size pillows and usually always opt for a patterned pillow case that goes with the duvet cover! I toss in extra texture and color by layering throw pillows! I will talk more about throw pillows in another tip below!

As far as arrangement goes, I encourage you to literally toss things around and experiment with what you like! For my standard pillows, there are two ways I like to arrange them - stacked or leaned. You can stack one on top of the other by the headboard, or do the traditional "lean" against the headboard. Either are good options and offer different looks! If you stack them, you can toss extra throw pillows on top of them, this is a good option if you really love adding a ton of throw pillows. This is also a good option if you enjoy more of a sleek, modern look and leave out the extra throw pillows. If you lean the pillows, this helps add more depth as you layer other throw pillows in front of them and takes up more space if you like folding your comforter further down the bed.

3. The Top Sheet Debate

Are you the type that absolutely hates dealing with a top sheet at night? Or do you enjoy have an extra layer between you and the comforter? No matter which way you lean, I have tips for both preferences!

If you hate the top sheet, but still want the look of a layered bed, then find a nice blanket that fits the size of your bed! (NOT a throw blanket!) I don't necessarily hate top sheets, but I found this textured charcoal grey blanket that I LOVE! It adds texture, color, and warmth! This is a queen blanket that fits my queen sized bed perfectly. I actually went through the process of measuring my bed before purchasing this to make sure it was the size I was hoping for. It drapes down the sides of my bed considerably, which I wanted for both practical purposes and for looks. I like being able to see the blanket on the sides since it's such a pretty color. Plus, my husband and I both hog the covers at night, so having extra material definitely doesn't hurt ;)

If you aren't ready to give up the top sheet, try this tip for a layered look! Place your top sheet finished side down on the bed. Then, fold it down with your comforter and tuck the top sheet over the comforter so that the finished side faces up! This helps create a dimensional look, plus allows you to feel the softest side of the sheet at night!

(I have included an image of the fold that I'm talking about even though it's not a sheet.)

4. Throw Pillows

I love #throwpillows! There's no perfect number to place on your bed - I typically opt for two or three but this it total personal preference! On my queen bed, I add one Euro sized pillow and layer one or two other throws with it! I currently have two sham covers for my Euro sized pillow that I'll swap out - a light tan color and a blush pink. Both are textured and washable! The Euro is a constant on my bed and I will swap out my other throw pillows based on season or mood. If you're not a fan of such a large pillow on your bed, you can choose two throw pillows of the same size to go on each side and add another in front of those! I'll typically try to incorporate an interesting pattern or texture with each of my throw pillows. There are SO many different options for layering throw pillows and this is just what I do, so find out what fits your style!

5. Cozy Up

The final thing I always have on my bed is a #throwblanket! I *usually* pick these to fit the season, but at least having one neutral colored throw blanket to toss on your bed is a great option as well! In the colder months I gravitate towards my woolen throw from Ireland or a knitted blanket. These are also typically darker in color. During Spring or Summer, I like to find a light colored and lightweight blanket! I typically either fold these blankets into thirds and drape all the way across the width of my bed or I will just toss them on there for a more "lived in," #cozy feel! Last, but not least, don't forget to cozy up! Don't waste time worrying that things will get out of order! (I have to harp on myself on that one.) There are so many times in life that it's nice to just flop on the bed with your hunny and your dogs and enjoy each other!

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